The Verbal Circuits

                     “If you were to observe me you’d see just a middle aged suburban dad...” but there really is a whole lot more going on. Director/Producer/Camera & Sound: Elena Hattersley Editor: James Cogswell

Garden Love Story

Curated by “These are the Projects we do together” and played by Projector Bike at the White Night Festival, Melbourne, 2013. The love story behind the dinosaur shaped hedges. It was a real privilege to be welcomed into Giuseppa's world and have the opportunity to tell such a beautiful story. Director/Producer/Editor - Elena Hattersley DOP [...]

The Superhero

"I never meant for this to happen, it's just something I fell into"... The world through a Superhero's eyes. Director/Producer: Elena Hattersley Camera: Jerome Yeum, Anja Taylor, Elena Hattersley Sound: Bradley Barnden Editor: Melissa Lewis Music: Kevin MacLeod

The Catch

"So this is my first trapeze class and I've never done anything like this before". Director/Producer: Elena Hattersley Camera/Editor: James Cogswell Sound: Bradley Barnden Music: Kevin MacLeod